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Errant spinal tap can result in serious injuries

There are many medical tests that may be necessary when a doctor is trying to figure out what is wrong with a patient. Some of these medical procedures can be uncomfortable but ultimately save the person's life. However, these tests must be undertaken with care to avoid doctor error. When doctors make mistakes, the results of the test can be inaccurate, or accurate results may be misread, causing a patient to suffer.

A spinal tap, or lumbar puncture, for example, is a common procedure that can present problems. Through this procedure, a doctor is able to analyze a person's cerebrospinal fluid to diagnose variety of conditions. The test utilizes a hollow needle, placing it between vertebrae in a person's spinal cord and drawing out the fluid.

When surgical errors effect your medical outcomes

Being the victim of a surgical error can be devastating. People place their trust in their surgeon and expect that the results will be positive. However, people are also aware that surgery carries risks. And for many Greenbelt residents, it can be difficult to determine when a negative outcome is the result of a common surgical risk or a medical mistake.

For the average person, it can be extremely difficult to know if a poor surgical outcome was due to negligence or a known risk. While these risks are discussed ahead of time, it is often still very difficult for people to determine exactly what the risk entails -- especially if people have no medical background.

Should medications be taken during pregnancy?

Pregnancy can be an exciting time for Maryland residents. It can be a time when people eagerly anticipate all the changes coming to their family. At the same time, it can also be a scary time for women and their families. People may not realize all the risks that can accompany pregnancy.

Pregnant women need to take a variety of precautions in order to ensure their safety and the safety of their unborn child. If these precautions are not explained and properly carried out, a woman's child can suffer.

Maryland family awarded $10 million in medical malpractice case

When people turn to medical professionals they often need very specific help. This is often help that cannot be provided by family and friends, but requires the skill and knowledge of a doctor or nurse. Since these professionals have years of education and experience, many can be trusted to help solve serious medical conditions.

However, there are times when these people -- and the hospitals they work for -- make dangerous mistakes. These medical errors can lead to serious and deadly consequences.

Liability following the death of a newborn

Pregnancy is a time of great excitement for many Maryland parents. They spend many months preparing for their new arrival and anticipating parenthood. It is both a financial and emotional investment as the big day approaches. It can also be a scary undertaking. People may not know what to expect in the delivery room. They can be anxious about what will happen and if they birth will go smoothly. Doctors, nurses, midwives and other medical professionals are supposed to be there to ease people's minds and ensure that the mother and child are safe.

Unfortunately, medical professionals can make mistakes during the birth process. In some cases, these birth injuries are fixable, but sadly many can cause serious and long term damage. In the worse cases, a baby can die because of these medical errors.

What surgeries are dangerous for older people?

As Maryland residents age, many find themselves with medical conditions that need to be treated surgically. This can be difficult for people to come to terms with emotionally as they may face long uphill battles to regain their health. For many people, however, surgical treatment plans can be created to meet their medical needs. With proper surgery many can return to their former physical states.

These older people trust that their surgeons will be skilled and efficient at their jobs. They hope that mistakes will be avoided and they will only face uncomplicated recoveries. However, for many older Americans, this will not be the reality. Surgical errors will be made that complicate their procedures, recovery and ultimately the outcome of the surgery.

Taking hospital negligence seriously

Hospitals are supposed to be a place of refuge for Maryland residents. People are supposed to be able to go to a hospital and trust that they will be properly taken care of. They want to believe that they will walk out of a hospital healthier than they walked in.

However, for many Maryland residents that is not their experience. They often suffer harm at the hands of a hospital, whether from a doctor, nurse or another hospital staff. Sometimes physical conditions inside the hospital -- such as unsanitary conditions, wet floors or broken equipment -- also cause harm. In either case, these injuries can be surprising and devastating.

The difference between wrong-site, patient and procedure errors

Medical professionals are entrusted in the process of keeping people safe. They are responsible for diagnosing and treating a variety of complex medical conditions. People expect these medical conditions will be made better by the efforts of these doctors.

Surgeons, in particular, are entrusted with a great responsibility. They are expected to accurately fix surgical issues that arise in their patients. There's very little room for error and the consequences when an error occurs are grave. Despite this, surgical errors occur on a frequent basis in Maryland. It is important for people to understand the difference between common types of surgical errors.

Hospital sued for negligence after boy attacked

Hospitals are typically recognized as safe places where people can go to get the medical help they need. They are supposed to be places of healing and hope. And, for many Maryland residents, they are. Hospitals are places they can go when they are sick or injured and know that they will get treated.

However, hospitals are not perfect. As organizations, they make mistakes. Doctors within the hospital also make mistakes. Often these mistakes are of a medical nature, but they don't have to be. There are many areas in which a hospital can be negligent. This can lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit.

What is hypoxia in terms of Maryland birth injury?

Maryland residents hope that the birth of their children will be medically uneventful. While people expect to experience a range of emotions during childbirth, many do not expect birth injuries or other complications to occur. People hope that their children will be born healthy and safely.

However, this is not the case for many new families. Birth injuries often occur because of the negligence of medical professionals assisting in child birth. These injuries can cause lifelong issues for the child. These medical complications can be extremely difficult to manage and expensive to treat.

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