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Can lab tests diagnose cancer?

It can be extremely difficult to think that you have a dangerous illness. People want to stay as healthy as possible and live a long life. However, many Maryland residents will find themselves facing a health crisis. When this happens, they want to know that they are in the very best hands possible.

By turning to a medical professional, you are placing your trust in a person who you assume will take the best possible care of you.. You are asking that person to determine what is wrong with you and how to fix it. This is especially true when you or your doctor suspect that you may have cancer. Cancer is one of the diagnoses that can scare people the most. Without proper treatment, it can take a person's life very quickly. Therefore, running the proper diagnostic tests is very important.

A doctor's error should not ruin your future

At the root of a doctor-patient relationship is trust. The doctor must trust that the patient is giving him or her all the information about the patient's medical issues while the patient, on the other hand, trusts that the doctor is adequately trained and will be able to identify, diagnose, and effectively treat medical issues as they arise.

Doctors are held to a high standard of care as a part of this relationship. The amount of trust they are given and the delicate and important job they hold makes it essential that they do the best job possible. Making mistakes can be very costly. Not only can it delay valuable treatment for a patient, it can ultimately lead to a person's untimely death.

Examining causes of infant brain injury

Most parents have an idea in their head about how their child's life will look. People want the best for their children and often work very hard to make that happen. However, a child can be robbed of his or her future because of a birth injury. Instead of a promising and bright road ahead, children that suffer birth injuries often face a lifetime of pain, medical issues, and disabilities. This can be very hard news for new parents to take.

Following a birth injury, people may question what happened and the extent of the damages. Although individuals trust their doctors and other medical professionals to make appropriate decisions to avoid these types of injuries, not every doctor lives up to the standard of care expected of them.

Family awarded compensation following birth injury

The birth of a child is supposed to be a happy and exciting time for Maryland residents. People eagerly await the birth of their child for many months and dream of the life that they will share together.

However, these dreams can be shattered in an instant when medical providers fail to adequately care for a child during birth. Labor and delivery can be a complicated process and often requires close guidance by medical professionals. If medical professionals are negligent in their care of the mother or baby, both can suffer lifelong injuries or death.

Is mediation an option in medical malpractice cases?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. Through mediation, parties work with a neutral third party to solve a disagreement. In many cases, the mediation process allows individuals to avoid traditional litigation. The parties can hopefully then come up with a solution to their issue that works for everyone involved.

Mediation can be used to solve many different types of legal disputes including medical malpractice cases. In fact, there may be several advantages to using mediation after a doctors' error.

Errant spinal tap can result in serious injuries

There are many medical tests that may be necessary when a doctor is trying to figure out what is wrong with a patient. Some of these medical procedures can be uncomfortable but ultimately save the person's life. However, these tests must be undertaken with care to avoid doctor error. When doctors make mistakes, the results of the test can be inaccurate, or accurate results may be misread, causing a patient to suffer.

A spinal tap, or lumbar puncture, for example, is a common procedure that can present problems. Through this procedure, a doctor is able to analyze a person's cerebrospinal fluid to diagnose variety of conditions. The test utilizes a hollow needle, placing it between vertebrae in a person's spinal cord and drawing out the fluid.

When surgical errors effect your medical outcomes

Being the victim of a surgical error can be devastating. People place their trust in their surgeon and expect that the results will be positive. However, people are also aware that surgery carries risks. And for many Greenbelt residents, it can be difficult to determine when a negative outcome is the result of a common surgical risk or a medical mistake.

For the average person, it can be extremely difficult to know if a poor surgical outcome was due to negligence or a known risk. While these risks are discussed ahead of time, it is often still very difficult for people to determine exactly what the risk entails -- especially if people have no medical background.

Should medications be taken during pregnancy?

Pregnancy can be an exciting time for Maryland residents. It can be a time when people eagerly anticipate all the changes coming to their family. At the same time, it can also be a scary time for women and their families. People may not realize all the risks that can accompany pregnancy.

Pregnant women need to take a variety of precautions in order to ensure their safety and the safety of their unborn child. If these precautions are not explained and properly carried out, a woman's child can suffer.

Maryland family awarded $10 million in medical malpractice case

When people turn to medical professionals they often need very specific help. This is often help that cannot be provided by family and friends, but requires the skill and knowledge of a doctor or nurse. Since these professionals have years of education and experience, many can be trusted to help solve serious medical conditions.

However, there are times when these people -- and the hospitals they work for -- make dangerous mistakes. These medical errors can lead to serious and deadly consequences.

Liability following the death of a newborn

Pregnancy is a time of great excitement for many Maryland parents. They spend many months preparing for their new arrival and anticipating parenthood. It is both a financial and emotional investment as the big day approaches. It can also be a scary undertaking. People may not know what to expect in the delivery room. They can be anxious about what will happen and if they birth will go smoothly. Doctors, nurses, midwives and other medical professionals are supposed to be there to ease people's minds and ensure that the mother and child are safe.

Unfortunately, medical professionals can make mistakes during the birth process. In some cases, these birth injuries are fixable, but sadly many can cause serious and long term damage. In the worse cases, a baby can die because of these medical errors.

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