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Surgical trainees responsible for medical malpractice cases

When you are admitted as a patient at a hospital, you have the right to receive competent medical care from quality physicians. In many hospitals, surgical residents, fellows and interns are involved in treating and diagnosing patients. This involvement helps them learn and become better surgeons in the future. Unfortunately, these doctors-in-training make surgical errors and are therefore responsible for many instances of medical malpractice.

Removal of wrong testicle leads to $870,000 malpractice verdict

Many human organs and body parts come in right-left pairs. When one of the pair must be removed from the body or amputated, the surgeon must take extreme care to ensure that the afflicted body part is removed and the healthy organ or body part is not touched. Despite modern preventative procedures that include the physician signing the organ or body part that will be excised, removal of the healthy counterpart still prompts medical malpractice lawsuits in Maryland and elsewhere.

When surgical errors effect your medical outcomes

Being the victim of a surgical error can be devastating. People place their trust in their surgeon and expect that the results will be positive. However, people are also aware that surgery carries risks. And for many Greenbelt residents, it can be difficult to determine when a negative outcome is the result of a common surgical risk or a medical mistake.

What surgeries are dangerous for older people?

As Maryland residents age, many find themselves with medical conditions that need to be treated surgically. This can be difficult for people to come to terms with emotionally as they may face long uphill battles to regain their health. For many people, however, surgical treatment plans can be created to meet their medical needs. With proper surgery many can return to their former physical states.

The difference between wrong-site, patient and procedure errors

Medical professionals are entrusted in the process of keeping people safe. They are responsible for diagnosing and treating a variety of complex medical conditions. People expect these medical conditions will be made better by the efforts of these doctors.

Surgical errors may be prevented with patient advocacy

Maryland residents trust doctors and medical staff to fix them when they are having an issue. In many cases, this means that people will need to undergo a surgical procedure. These procedures are supposed to help people return to good health and help them feel better.

Common types of inpatient surgery

People in Maryland trust that doctors will be able to help them when they have medical issues that need to be addressed. Some of these medical issues will require surgery and hospitalization. In these cases, people need the very best care possible to avoid long-term issues and complications.

Can wristbands prevent surgical errors?

There are certain medical situations that Maryland residents would like to think never happen. People want to believe that surgeons always operate on the right patients and that they always perform the right procedures. However, the reality is that surgeons -- like any doctor -- can make serious mistakes that put others at risk.

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