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February 2012 Archives

Dirty surgical tools threaten patients life

Maryland has one of the most notable medical communities in the world, but even in a place with such a large and active medical community, accidents and surgical errors do occur. In a recent report detailing the findings of an investigation conducted by the Center for Public Integrity, it was shown that dirty surgical tools are a serious concern in hospitals all over the United States.

Girl dies after hospital denies mother help

Not all Maryland medical malpractice claims are the result of a surgical error or bad diagnosis. Sometimes the lack of care given to an individual can be just as deadly, especially in cases surrounding mental health. That appears to have been the case for one woman whose family is now accusing a hospital of negligence for refusing care.

Doctor loses license six years after patient dies

A physician has lost his license to practice medicine in the state of Maryland six years after one of his patients died. While it is not entirely clear if a previous surgery had anything to do with the patient's death, the doctor may be guilty of medical malpractice.

Did one doctor's errors contribute to an elderly woman's death?

According to a woman living in College Park, Maryland officials have shown little interest in a potential medical malpractice case. The woman has concerns that a doctor's errors may have contributed to her mother's death. The woman also alleges that certain information was altered and potentially removed from her mother's medical records.

Diagnostic errors could cause fatal medical mistakes

Medical mistakes can have serious consequences. As the United States increases its attention on fixing a broken healthcare system, identifying the causes of medical mistakes and correcting these mistakes before they occur has never been more important.

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