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Woman sues after surgeon fails to close wound

There is really no such thing as a simple surgical procedure. Even for doctors with years of experience and countless operations completed, focus and technique are required to avoid surgical errors. While many Maryland residents may believe problems only occur in difficult or rarely performed surgeries, errors can be made with even routine elements of a common operation.

Such was the case for one woman who has filed a lawsuit against her doctor and the Board of Governors of the university hospital where she was treated. She alleges that a surgical error led to her suffering almost a year of unnecessary pain.

In February 2009, the woman was admitted to the hospital in West Virginia for an operation known as a nephrectomy, in which all or part of a kidney is removed. Following the surgery, the woman began to complain about continued severe abdominal pain.

After nearly a year, the woman went to another doctor about a different situation and reported the ongoing pain she was suffering. The surgeon admitted her for the purpose of repairing a hernia that had been diagnosed, but during the hernia repair, the surgeon discovered that the surgical wound from the nephrectomy had not been properly closed.

In a lawsuit filed recently, the woman is suing the initial surgeon and the school's board for the alleged negligence. She is asking for compensatory damages as well as pre- and post-judgment interest for her accrued medical and hospital expenses.

While some problems that occur during surgery may be beyond the control of medical personnel, others are not. Every patient in Maryland should be able to rely on the fact that their surgeon will cover the basics. Surgeons are not super heroes, but certain errors should never happen. In such cases, a medical malpractice lawsuit is an option to obtain financial compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering and more that result from severe injury.

Source: The West Virginia Record, "Woman sues WVU Board of Governors for medical malpractice," Kyla Asbury, June 6, 2012

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