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July 2012 Archives

Family sues psychiatric hospital for negligence, confinement

Hospital negligence and medical malpractice can involve the slip of a knife or the failure to diagnose a disease that would have otherwise been curable. At the core of such claims are that the doctor of the facility failed to provide their patients with reasonable care. Often overlooked are cases involving mental health, an area of medicine just as vulnerable to malpractice as any other.

High costs drive some hospitals off malpractice insurance roles

Maryland residents considering making a medical malpractice claim might be interested to learn about a trend in healthcare triggered by rising costs. It involves hospitals and whether they have bothered to maintain medical malpractice insurance to protect them against hospital negligence.

Hospital negligence claimed in soldier's death

The widow of a soldier who briefly received care in Maryland is not convinced that a sniper's bullet was what caused her husband's death. Rather, the woman believes that her husband's death was the result of negligent hospital care he received in the military care system. The military and the hospital, however, are not quite ready to admit to any medical malpractice or medical negligence.

University hospital settles birth injury claim for $3.75 million

Medical malpractice can take many forms, from surgical errors to diagnostic mistakes. Due to the complexity of medicine, it can even be difficult for some to know whether or not malpractice contributed to their patient injuries.

Jury awards Maryland couple $55M for hospital negligence

A Maryland couple recently received a jury award of $55 million after their son was born with serious physical and mental disabilities. The parents of the young child sued Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore for medical negligence.

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