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August 2012 Archives

Surgical error results in $1.25 million settlement

Another week brings with it more stories of medical malpractice for Maryland residents. This week, the feature story involves a hospital in another state where a man undergoing surgery suffered complications that left him with serious injuries. This event led the family to attribute the cause of the injuries to surgical errors. The man's mother filed suit one year after the man's surgery.

Doctor's failure to diagnose illness results in stroke

A doctor's failure to diagnose an illness, especially a life threatening one, is unacceptable. Whether it is due to the doctor being overworked or sheer negligence, the fact is, too many doctors spend too little time with their patients, and that can lead to medical mistakes.

More tests, procedures, can mean unexpected complications

Medical mistakes can come in many forms in Maryland. Some errors are failures in technique and judgment. On the other hand, mistakes may be caused by ignorance or recklessness, which could be deemed medical malpractice.

Jury awards family $187,500 for misdiagnosis

Everyday across the United States, including Maryland, the victims of medical mistakes wage war against the system and the professionals that failed them. In some cases, the victims are victorious and in others they are not. To succeed in such a lawsuit the key is to have a complete picture of the facts and an attorney who can effectively present them to a jury. The following is the story of one successful case involving the failure to diagnose a rare disorder that led to one woman's tragic end.

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