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September 2012 Archives

Maryland cosmetic surgery center closed for investigation

Any surgery can be dangerous. From a tonsillectomy to an appendectomy, no matter how common or seemingly benign, every surgery comes with risk. One such risk is the risk of a bacterial infection. Bacterial infections can cause serious injury, even death. That is why surgeons and hospitals take such extreme measures to assure that surgical environments are sterile. It is also why surgical errors that can expose patients to infections are taken so seriously.

More medical errors among children with chronic health conditions

According to a new study released in the journal Pediatrics, children with chronic health conditions are more likely to be affected by medical errors than children without. According to the same study, approximately 3 percent of all hospitalized children are currently affected by such errors, which include misdiagnosis, medication errors and doctors' errors. Maryland parents might find the following article on doctor error in pediatrics interesting.

D.C United player suing team for medical negligence

Medical malpractice and doctor's errors do not just occur in big city hospitals. Doctors often practice in a variety of professional environments, from small, private family practices to big sports medicine facilities. In any situation where a physician is providing care to a patient, however, they have a responsibility to do no harm. For Maryland patients and former athletes suffering due to a doctor's errors, the following article might be of some interest.

Birth injury results in $8.5 million dollar award

Childbirth is a joyous experience. Unfortunately, things do not always go as planned. When something does go wrong such as a birth injury it is important to ask why. Sometimes birth injuries or delivery errors are hard to avoid, other times they are not. If the injury is in fact an avoidable error it is important to hold the party at fault responsible for their actions.

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