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D.C United player suing team for medical negligence

Medical malpractice and doctor's errors do not just occur in big city hospitals. Doctors often practice in a variety of professional environments, from small, private family practices to big sports medicine facilities. In any situation where a physician is providing care to a patient, however, they have a responsibility to do no harm. For Maryland patients and former athletes suffering due to a doctor's errors, the following article might be of some interest.

According to recent stories, a former D.C. United defender is suing the Major League Soccer club and his former coach for failing to properly evaluate his injuries and negligently clearing him to play before he was ready. According to the complaint, D.C. United was negligent in its management, care and treatment of the former soccer stars head injuries. The Washington Post reports that the player's attorney intends to add medical personnel to the suit soon.

The particular injury in question occurred in 2009 when the player received a concussion after colliding with another player. Despite the collision, and what later turned out to be a serious concussion, the player remained in the game. He further alleges that he was never evaluated between games, and was cleared to play three days after the incident occurred.

The injury ended up being the end of the man's career. As a result of the collision and untreated concussion the player alleges that he now suffers brain damage and cognitive, memory and sensory loss. The lawsuit also alleges permanent headaches and fatigue, difficulties with sleep as well as hypersensitivity to motion as a result of the brain injury.

The former D.C. United player is seeking $10 million for medical negligence stemming from the alleged errors of care and $2 million for the impact the injury has had on his marriage.

Concussions resulting from major collisions during team sports are a growing area of concern across the country. Standards of care are in place, but enforcement seems to be lacking on many fronts. Athletes and parents of young athletes who suffer such an injury owe it to themselves to get educated about their options to be sure they get the resources needed to fully recover.

Source: The Washington Post, "Bryan Namoff files $12 million lawsuit against D.C. United, claiming medical negligence involving career-ending concussion in 2009 MLS match," Steven Goff, Aug. 29, 2012

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