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October 2012 Archives

Doctor found guilty of medical malpractice for an affair

For most of us, when someone mentions the term medical malpractice a certain image comes to mind. Typically medical malpractice includes certain activities such as doctor's errors or surgical errors that harm a patient physically. Other examples of medical malpractice might include an unexpected complication or infection, but rarely is malpractice a romantic affair. Maryland residents might find the following malpractice piece interesting.

Soldier's family sues VA for hospital negligence

Medical malpractice claims can be very complex, particularly in cases in which the exact cause of the injury or death may have been multiple factors. From drug interactions to unintended consequences of surgery, Maryland patients should know the risks of undergoing a surgery and be aware of adverse events that could be a sign of malpractice.

New study finds large number of post-surgical errors

A new study suggests that surgery patients experience on average five post-surgery errors, such as infection or post-surgical bleeding, throughout the course of their post-operation recovery period. Furthermore, the report found that nearly half of post-surgery errors involve procedural mistakes that could result in real harm to patients and lead to serious medical malpractice claims. For Maryland patients, the data from the report might provide helpful information on how to deal with these potential medical errors.

Not reporting medical malpractice may be bad for your health

With patient harm and medical malpractice being such common topics it is surprising to learn that few patients ever report medical negligence. Maryland hospital patients considering filing a medical malpractice lawsuit might find the following interesting.

Doctor gives child morphine, parents file malpractice claim

Medical malpractice cases are always tragic, but when they involve small children, it is even more tragic. Unfortunately, small children have unique vulnerabilities, which render children more susceptible to minor doctor's errors or unexpected complications. Among these are mistakes in medications. A recent medical malpractice claim in Texas should be of particular interest for Maryland parents.

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