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Doctor gives child morphine, parents file malpractice claim

Medical malpractice cases are always tragic, but when they involve small children, it is even more tragic. Unfortunately, small children have unique vulnerabilities, which render children more susceptible to minor doctor's errors or unexpected complications. Among these are mistakes in medications. A recent medical malpractice claim in Texas should be of particular interest for Maryland parents.

In San Antonio, the family of a 22-month-old boy is currently engaged in a medical malpractice trial following the death of their young child. The child died in December of 2009 after he was given morphine following a dental procedure. Although court records suggest that the nurse on duty at the time actually administered the morphine, the attorney for the family is more concerned with the doctor who ordered the painkiller.

An autopsy of the child was conducted but the specific cause of the young boy's death was not clear. According to one of the experts who testified at the trial, however, after reviewing the boy's medical records and reviewing other expert reports, it is believed that the cause of the 22-month old San Antonio boy's death was too much morphine.

Medical malpractice cases, especially those involving small children, are always tragic. No one is ever happy to a part of such a sad and heartbreaking event. But that is even more of a reason to bring forward that such cases . The only way to stop bad practices, and prevent future injuries from occurring is to hold those responsible for the careless and negligent actions that cause patient deaths accountable for their actions.

Source: WOAI, "Doctor questioned about morphine given to 22-month-old," Jacqueline Ortiz, Sept. 24, 2012

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