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November 2012 Archives

Senator proposes bill to study death by prescription drugs

One suspect form of medical malpractice is the overprescription of medication. In today's world, medication has quickly become a short cut to real preventative care. In some cases there is simply no choice, but, considering the potential side effects of many of these medications, the risks of overmedication can be life threatening. Maryland residents might be interested in one state's efforts to focus on tightening oversight of prescribed drugs.

Medical mistakes may be third leading cause of death in the U.S.

Every year more than a quarter of a million Americans die from medical mistakes and hospital negligence, and millions more are injured. According to an anesthesiologist at Baltimore, Maryland's Johns Hopkins Hospital, if we added up all of the deaths caused by hospital negligence and medical mistakes, including those that occur daily but go unnoticed, these incidents would make such mistakes the third leading cause of death in the America.

Demonstrating hospital negligence after a patient injury

In a previous blog post we discussed the essential role communication plays in the healthcare process and the problems that can arise when medical professionals fail to communicate with one another. Failure to communicate can result in everything from a misdiagnosis to the wrong course of treatment. In some cases, the lack of communication can even have fatal results. It is important for Maryland patients to be aware of malpractice cases so they can know what to look for during treatment and prevent similar mistakes and injuries.

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