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Multiple lawsuits filed against hospital for birth injuries

Multiple medical malpractice lawsuits were recently filed against a large medical center. The lawsuits all allege that hospital negligence and medical errors led to the death of at least four babies. A fifth baby was cited as having been injured. A press conference was recently held where the mothers of the victims told their stories.

Each suit states that hospital negligence led to serious and sometimes fatal birth injuries. While the legal wrangling is taking place, the sentiment is one every mother can relate to. The incidents also highlight what has become an epidemic in America. Tragically, birth injuries happen every day.

According to each of the five mothers involved in the lawsuits, the hospital failed to provide the women and their babies with adequate medical care. As a result of hospital negligence, these women claim, their children were either injured or killed. The hospital is also accused of passing on false information about the children's deaths in the aftermath of the events.

While each case is different, the mothers all experienced some sort of complication during delivery. In at least one of the cases, the child got stuck as she was being delivered. The mother noted that the child was blue and purple. She also suffered her own injuries as a result of the experience. Each of the victims is a minority member and of limited financial means.

The South Fulton Medical Center has not responded publicly to the matter, except to say that patient safety is the hospital's top priority, and that the South Fulton Medical Center provides quality healthcare to all of its patients. A hospital spokesperson also told the media that the hospital plans on defending itself in court and that they deny all allegations of negligence.

Birth injury cases are always extremely difficult for the plaintiffs, but Maryland residents who are going through the aftermath of a birth injury need to know that there may be legal remedies for their struggle.

Source: Fox Atlanta, "Lawsuit claims medical center allowed negligence in baby deaths," Trey Thomas, Dec. 7, 2012

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