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January 2013 Archives

Medication errors more common than people think

The United States is a county in love with its medication. While there is nothing implicitly wrong with medication, the concern for some observers are the side effects, and the very real possibility of over medication. What is additionally concerning is how often medication errors occur in the United States. Maryland readers might find the following blog on medical negligence, medication errors and medical malpractice interesting, if not a little frightening.

VA loses big after failing to properly care for Iraq war veteran

No one should have to undergo the trauma associated with medical malpractice, especially not a military veteran. Unfortunately, these events happen every day in United States VA hospitals, and too often they go unnoticed. That is why it is so important to speak out about medical negligence. It is often the only way to stop those responsible and end the cycle of mistreatment. Maryland citizens might be interested in the following story of one vet and his fight against medical malpractice.

Hospital negligence results in fatal consequences

It can be difficult for Maryland residents to read about the tragic, sometimes fatal consequences that accompany medical mistakes. Whenever people are seriously injured because of hospital negligence, they have the right to pursue a civil action for monetary relief. The following is the story of one woman's journey, and the fatal consequences of one hospital's negligence.

Report shows spike in medical errors in nearby state

Maryland residents may be familiar with a recent report issued by the Department of Public Health in nearby Connecticut. The Adverse Event Report is the second annual report that identifies acute care hospitals and other medical facilities publicly with respect to doctor errors and hospital negligence that resulted in harm to patients. Maryland residents might find the results of the recent report rather interesting.

Surgical error results in two amputated legs

Surgical errors can come with a range of consequences from insignificant discomfort to severe and life threatening infections. In one of the more horrific surgical errors, a woman lost both of her legs following a serious injury she incurred while under the knife. The sad turn of events for the Brooklyn area mother is a warning to patient's everywhere. Maryland patients might be interested in the following medical malpractice case.

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