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April 2013 Archives

Would a proactive approach to doctor's errors help in Maryland?

It may only be human nature to hesitate when considering whether to admit a mistake. In everyday life for residents of Maryland, a lack of transparency may not have particularly severe consequences. However, when it comes to medical care and doctor's errors, a failure to recognize an error and address the underlying problem can have real and long-lasting costs - both physical and financial - not only to the particular patient affected, but also those who may receive future care.

More patients join lawsuit against New York hospital

Hospital administrators, doctors and nurses all have a responsibility to patients to provide the best care possible. While the expectations of nurses and doctors are clear, the role of hospital administrators is slightly more opaque. Among the many responsibilities, however, is the need to ensure that hospital staff is properly trained and supervised. When hospital negligence results in patient harm due to a failure in supervision the hospital is responsible.

Patient sues hospital after doctor's errors induce stroke

There are a lot of commentators who attack medical malpractice litigation as some great evil threatening our nation. Those same commentators like to talk a lot about the economic impact of litigation to hospitals and doctors, yet they never discuss the catastrophic injuries and economic devastation that befall patients every day. As many Maryland residents know, hospital negligence and doctor errors results in thousands of serious injuries every year.

An early diagnosis can be the difference between life and death

The best bet anyone has for success with a serious medical condition is an early diagnosis. From ovarian cancer to high-blood pressure, early diagnosis and treatment is often the number one difference between those who survive and those who do not. This is also why medical mistakes such as the misdiagnosis of cancer or other serious medical conditions are so serious. Maryland residents should know that ovarian cancer is particularly aggressive and needs to be caught early.

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