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May 2013 Archives

Medical malpractice and the standard of negligence

There has been a long-standing attempt by big business and politicians to discredit medical malpractice claims in the public arena. To do this, these corporate cronies suggest that all accusations of medical negligence and serious personal injuries stemming from doctors errors and hospital negligence are nothing more than scams perpetrated by greedy patients to bleed good-hearted health care professionals.

Physicians push procedures despite risk of birth injuries

Every expecting parent's greatest fear is that an unexpected complication will compromise the health and wellbeing of their child. While medical and technological advancements have greatly reduced such occurrences, complications continue to occur at unacceptable rates. For instance, labor errors and delivery errors continue to threaten U.S. newborns. Often, such birth injuries can occur as a result of unnecessary and invasive procedures.

Stent victims reach settlement with Maryland doctor

Maryland readers may have heard about the rise in medical malpractice litigation against doctors implanting unnecessary heart stents. A stent is a piece of mesh tube used to treat arteries that are too narrow or weak to allow blood flow. A stent is placed in the artery as part of an angioplasty, which restores the flow of blood through weak or narrow arteries. While the procedure is highly beneficial to those who need it, it is also very dangerous.

Wrong-site surgery leaves women with permanent injuries

Despite the fact that hospital safety experts often characterize wrong-site surgeries and wrong-person surgeries as "never events," these errors actually occur surprisingly often. The reason such tragic surgical errors are referred to as "never events" is not that they do not occur, but that with proper vigilance and adequate supervision they should never occur. Maryland readers might be interested in the following story about a tragic brain surgery mistake.

The costs and consequences of diagnostic errors

The failure to properly diagnose a serious medical condition can have devastating, possibly life threatening consequences. In most cases, time is of the essence when it comes to a safe and healthy recovery. With cancer, for example, the failure to diagnose cancer or a delay in diagnosis could result in metastasis. Because of this, the failure to diagnose a medical condition that results in the progression of a disease is generally actionable under the law.

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