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Doctor accused of medical malpractice in implant case

Mistakes happen, but that does not mean every mistake should be forgotten. When it comes to medical mistakes and doctor errors, for instance, the effect of a mistake can be incredibly expensive and not just in dollars and cents. In many cases, when it comes to medical mistakes, doctor's errors can be incredibly serious and often result in life altering consequences for those involved. Maryland residents should read the following.

In one recent case, a 44-year-old truck driver from Newark, Delaware is suing his former urologist for medical malpractice following a tragic accident. According to complaint, the man experienced significant complications following a penile implant surgery including an erection that lasted eight months. The man said the procedure ultimately cause him to withdraw from much of his life in order to hide his condition.

The man also stated that he acquired an infection after the penile implant was installed that required him to undergo an additional surgery. In August 2010 the prosthesis was finally removed when the tubing in the device punctured his scrotum. The man had a replacement prosthesis implanted by a different doctor. Due to scar tissue from the surgery, however, he is now 50 percent smaller and lost a lot of sensation.

Individuals who experience serious side effects following a medical procedure can seek compensation through a medical malpractice lawsuit based on the doctor's negligence. In addition to compensation for out of pocket costs like medical expenses and lost wages, patients injured due to medical errors or unexpected complications can also receive compensation for pain and suffering.

While it is true that accidents happen, results like those experienced in the case above are unacceptable. But through a medical malpractice lawsuit, victims can obtain the much-needed financial resources to aid in the recovery process.

Source: Maryland Daily Record, "Del. Man sues doctor over penile implant," June 12, 2013

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