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Failures in supervision can leave hospital liable for errors

Medical mistakes can have serious, life-threatening consequences, which is why patients expect hospitals to properly supervise and monitor the actions of their medical personnel. If someone is injured because of a preventable act of medical negligence due to failures in supervision, the hospital may be legally liable for damages. Maryland residents who have been the victims of hospital negligence should keep reading.

Police in State College, Pennsylvania, are investigating a nurse at Mount Nittany Medical Center following a very serious allegation of medical malpractice. According to authorities, the nurse allegedly gave an infant a shot of a pain medication known as toradol that was intended for the child's mother. While the infant was able work the medication through its system, the medication error could have resulted in liver or kidney failure.

The medical mistake reportedly took place early one morning in late July. The hospital was monitoring the sugar levels of both the child and the mother with IVs. According to court documents, the nurse reportedly put the pain medication in the infant's IV rather than the mother's. Despite the error, the father of the infant claims that the nurse never reported the dangerous medical mistake to her superiors. The hospital has not responded.

Hospitals have a duty to protect their patients from preventable harm, such as medication errors. While a medication error may seem like an inconsequential event, it can actually be very serious. Furthermore, with adequate procedures and some simple oversight, hospitals can prevent such mistakes. This is why a patient who is injured due to failures in supervision may be entitled to significant damages.

Source: StateCollege.com, "Police Investigating Medication Error Involving Newborn," Adam Lidgett, August 13, 2013

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