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Failures in treatment spur lawsuit against hospital

Patients in Prince Georges place their trust and the trust of their loved ones in the hands of medical professionals. When that trust is violated and hospital negligence or medical malpractice occurs, there can be terrible long-term results, and even death. Those who have been subjected to medical mistakes themselves or have seen family members suffer from these errors have the right to find out what happened and why.

A hospital is facing lawsuits for numerous claims, including the performance of unnecessary cardiac procedures that led to long-term issues mentally, physically and emotionally for patients. According to the filing, an independent medical professional states that the procedures that were performed were not necessary. The plaintiffs claim that the hospital was performing these procedures in the interests of making money from insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, and not because the patients required them.

When there is hospital negligence, medical mistakes, failures in treatment or failures in supervision, the patients can suffer significantly as a result. Emergency rooms often make the mistake of discharging a patient who needed to be admitted. In some instances, patients are misdiagnosed and that makes their symptoms worse. Head injuries without an open wound, mistakes when dispensing medication or treating an issue as worse than it is - these can all lead to serious problems for patients. Regardless of the intentions of doctors and other medical staff to do right by patients, it doesn't change the fact that they are responsible for errors that they might make. Patients who are injured are within their rights to seek answers and compensation.

In this case, a lawsuit has been filed alleging that medical procedures were performed unnecessarily on patients. When a person believes that this is the case, getting the right information about all of the available options is crucial.

Source: WOWKTV.com, "KDMC facing lawsuits from hundreds of former patients," Ben Nandy, March 4, 2014

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