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Caesarean sections increases the risk of birth injuries

In Greenbelt, Maryland, mothers know how perilous giving birth to a child is. Although giving birth is the most awaited time for both parents, it puts the lives of both the mother and child in danger. Because of this, only trained professionals such as doctors and anesthesiologists handle the task to ensure the safety of the mother and the baby and prevent labor errors.

Back then, mothers undergo hours of labor before their children is born. Nowadays, one in every three babies is born through caesarean section. According to healthcare professionals, C-section is relatively safe. However, there is danger in repeated C-sections. Based on the report, once the mother had undergone a C-section for her first child, she will find it difficult to deliver her next baby vaginally thus C-section is likely to be suggested to ensure the safety of the baby.

A mother who had undergone repeated caesarean sections are at risk of serious complications such as placenta accrete, placenta abruption and placenta previa. These complications can lead to uterus removal, hemorrhaging and even fatalities in some cases.

Doctors need to understand that although C-sections are deemed safe, it still poses risks to the mother. Health care providers can reduce C-section rates by only using the procedure to those who need it.

In the event of a birth injury that was caused by a preventable error, the injured patients can seek damages from the doctors and other health care professionals who participated in the procedure. A birth injury can cause life-altering effects to the baby due to oxygen deprivation, for example. In such situations, people need to know their legal rights. The case can be settled out of court or through a traditional court trial.

Source: The Atlantic, "Once a C-Section, always a C-Section?," Melanie Plenda, May 20, 2014

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