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Dentist sued after performing unnecessary tooth extraction

Medical malpractice takes many forms, from preventable acts of medical negligence such as the failure to diagnose an illness, to something much more sinister. And, while we generally associate medical malpractice claims with physicians and hospitals, any medical professionals can be held liable. Maryland readers may find the following medical malpractice case involving a dentist rather interesting.

A gentleman from Louisiana is suing a dentist for damaging his tooth and causing him unnecessary pain and suffering. The man claims that he went to the dentist in November 2012 to complain about a toothache. After several visits he was finally told there was in a cavity under a crown and that they would have to remove the crown. During the procedure, however, the man claims the dentist cracked the tooth.

As a result of the crack the tooth was extracted and shortly after the procedure the man claims he began to suffer pain in the area the tooth had been and along his jaw. After seeking further treatment at another facility he was diagnosed with a shredded meniscus and required a number of serious surgeries. The man is now suing for medical negligence, using improper technique and performing an unwarranted procedure.

Medical malpractice is a serious issue that must be addressed quickly and aggressively by an experienced professional. From preserving evidence, to hiring experts, the sooner a patient speaks to a skilled medical malpractice attorney, the quicker it will be to resolve the matter. And, with mounting bills and lost wages from missed work, for many patients suffering harm due to medical negligence, time is truly of the essence.

Source: The Louisiana Record, "Patient claims dentist lied about cracked tooth, sues for medical malpractice," Lizzy Fitzsousa, April 29, 2014

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