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Failure to diagnose almost cost a young girl's life

Each disease or illness is unique, and the treatment for each disease depends on a doctor's diagnosis. In Greenbelt, Maryland, many local residents trust their doctors' diagnosis without knowing that the diagnosis has a chance to be wrong. Readers need to understand that failure to diagnose a disease or injury properly can lead to an inappropriate treatment or surgery. These errors in diagnosis can lead to a serious medical condition, or even worse, death.

Readers may be interested to know about how a recent misdiagnosis almost cost a young girl her life. For several months, the mother of the child saw that her daughter would bleed out of her mouth. After the mother witnessed a very severe bleeding incident, she transported the child to the nearest hospital.

The doctor's first diagnosis was allergies. Another doctor stated that the girl's dying condition was caused by mumps and an infection. Others said that it was gastritis and a migraine. Another doctor suggested surgery that would remove a tumor from the child's mouth.

After three months of frantic searching, the mother finally found the right doctor who would eventually save her daughter's life. That doctor found that one of the child's main arteries was going to burst. The doctor believed that the artery was injured during a routine tonsillectomy, which was performed six months earlier. The doctor was able to repair the injured artery by performing a rare and difficult surgery. Now, the child is back to normal.

According to the National Center for Policy Analyses, about 28% of medical misdiagnoses were potentially life threatening to patients. Failure to diagnose cases can happen anywhere, which is why readers should not always settle on the first opinion of their doctors. They can also seek out a diagnosis from other doctors before undergoing medical treatment.

In the event that someone was harmed due to a medical misdiagnosis, the victim may choose to seek damages against the negligent party by filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. Legal intervention may be critical in order for the victim to seek proper compensation.

Source: WTAJ-TV, "A misdiagnosis endangers a little girl's life," May 6, 2014

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