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Delivery errors lead to death of baby, midwife found negligent

Giving birth is a very delicate and, at times, complicated procedure. Even under the supervision of a medical professional, the process should be handled with great care and medical lapses should always be avoided. Delivery errors will compromise the health of the mother and the life of the baby, as well. Many Greenbelt, Maryland, parents and medical practitioners have probably heard about the recent medical malpractice case that highlights the dangers of medical mistakes during childbirth.

In 2011, a woman decided to seek the services of a midwife clinic since she wanted more personal care compared to what she received during the birth of her previous child at a hospital. However, an ultrasound taken before the birth showed that the baby was in a breech position. The midwife told the mother that it was still safe to do a vaginal delivery, to which the woman agreed. However, during the delivery, the baby's head got stuck. For the next seven minutes, the midwife attempted to deliver the baby. The midwife was able to do so, but the baby was lifeless and blue. Efforts to revive the child failed and paramedics were called in. The baby spent almost two weeks in a neonatal intensive care unit before dying of organ failure and brain damage.

The incident resulted in a lawsuit against the midwife and the birthing center. The parents of the child recently won the case and the court ordered the midwife to pay the couple $5 million in damages. However, the midwife did not carry malpractice insurance, which may make it difficult for the couple to collect any money from her. Nonetheless, the midwife has surrendered her license.

When a child suffers birth injuries or dies during birth and parents suspect labor errors, it may be a wise choice to seek sound advice from a legal professional. An experienced attorney can help determine if negligence was a factor and can provide help in pursuing legal action.

Source: Lansing State Journal, "Couple awarded $5million after botched midwife delivery," Louise Knott Ahern, May 27, 2014

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