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Steps Maryland patients can take to avoid medical mistakes

Medical errors can happen anytime are not only limited to hospitals. They can also occur in clinics, doctor's offices, surgery centers and other areas of the healthcare system. One out of every seven Medicare patients experience some form of medical mistake. With preventable medical errors now the third leading reason for deaths in the United States, trailing only heart disease and cancer, Maryland residents should take all the necessary steps to avoid being part of the statistics.

Surgical error leads to medical malpractice lawsuit

Surgery patients leave the operating table with the hope and expectation that the cause of their unhealthy condition is either corrected or removed. However, there are some instances when, following surgery, patients find themselves in a worsened state due to some form of medical negligence. A surgery gone wrong in 2009 that took the life of a woman has led to a medical malpractice lawsuit. The case, which already gathered a lot of attention when the news first came out five years ago, is something that Maryland patients and medical practitioners alike should learn from.

Man who lost daughter attempts to stop medical negligence

The grief of losing a loved one can break a Marylander's resolve. However, instead of breaking them, the harrowing incident sometimes gives people a sense of purpose and a direction for life. A father who lost his daughter because of medical negligence is one of those people.

Communication is key to avoid medical mistakes like misdiagnosis

Communication is something that people do every day, so it is easy to take it for granted. However, effective communication is essential in order to maintain a balanced and even better life. Also, in a medical sense, Maryland residents should know that effective communication can make a difference in preventing medical mistakes such as misdiagnosis. A physician, who also co-authored a book, recently shared essential information as to how patients can properly communicate with their doctors.

Hospital negligence and filing medical malpractice lawsuits

Some Maryland residents think that filing a medical malpractice claim is about getting a big payout. However, there is more to this legal action than receiving money. A malpractice claim also seeks to hold a negligent medical practitioner or hospital liable for the medical errors that were made. This action is crucial in helping keep medical mistakes at bay, especially when the figures show that hospital negligence is a growing concern.

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