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Man who lost daughter attempts to stop medical negligence

The grief of losing a loved one can break a Marylander's resolve. However, instead of breaking them, the harrowing incident sometimes gives people a sense of purpose and a direction for life. A father who lost his daughter because of medical negligence is one of those people.

The 46-year-old parent lost his daughter more than nine years ago when she was two years old and already suffering from cancer. Doctors at a children's hospital diagnosed her with a rare abdomen tumor. During the girl's final chemotherapy treatment in the hospital, she was intravenously injected with a concentrated dose of sodium chloride, which caused her death due to overdose. Later, the father learned that it was not an actual pharmacist who made the IV solution that killed his daughter, but a pharmacy technician. Those involved in the death were charged accordingly.

Despite the tragic loss, the man shared that he did not let anger get the best of him. Instead, he focused on a proactive approach to channel his aggressions. He helped push passage of a law requiring pharmacy technicians to undergo background checks and pass competency tests. He also established a foundation, named after his daughter, to help his advocacy for eliminating medical errors and improving patient safety.

The father's experience demonstrates the pain and suffering hospital negligence and medical errors often cause. However, Maryland residents, like this father, can also take a proactive approach. A medical malpractice lawsuit can help hold the negligent party legally responsible. It can also lead to compensation for the victim or family. More than that, it can make sure that mistakes are addressed and the likelihood of them happening again to other patients are either reduced or eliminated altogether.

Source: Cleveland.com, "Honoring his daughter, Chris Jerry continues fight against medical errors; will speak July 8 at Lake Erie College," Angela Townsend, July 3, 2014

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