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Legal representation fights "snapshot medicine"

In photography, a snapshot is a picture that is taken quickly and captures a particular scene. In the medical field, "snapshot medicine" is a quick diagnosis or treatment without taking into consideration if the medical action was indeed the appropriate one. While a photography snapshot may capture the beauty of the moment, snapshot medicine can often result in a disaster for a patient. Fortunately, our Maryland-based law firm is expert in handling these types of cases.

Medical errors typically happen when hospitals are understaffed, when their personnel are undertrained or if the hospital is crowded. Emergency room errors, misdiagnosis and medication mistakes are common forms of hospital negligence. Patients can suffer injuries, contract infections and diseases and even lose their lives when mistakes like this happen. The worst part is that hospitals can get away with these errors and leave a victim or the victim's family to pick up the pieces of their lives.

With our law firm's help, victims of snapshot medicine, as well as their families, can hold a hospital and its corresponding medical practitioners legally accountable for their negligence. Our track record includes over 30 years of experience in handling medical cases. We have handled more than 200 trials that were decided in the best interests of the victim. We are committed to the ideals that patients should be entitled to the best medical care possible. When that is not given, patients should receive financial awards to help them recover fully.

Our experienced and skilled Maryland-based law firm works with a network of experienced medical experts to help dissect the merits of every single case. Unlike other law firms, we put a premium on a client's integrity. We do not take a case just for the sake of filing a medical malpractice lawsuit; we strongly believe in what we are fighting for.

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