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October 2014 Archives

How does vicarious liability play out in a medical malpractice?

A hospital in Greenbelt, Maryland, typically employs different health-care providers, including nurses, physicians and other staff members. And each medical staff member may have their own role in providing good and adequate services for the hospital's patients. However, all of them are responsible for maintaining patient safety in the health facility. Failing to do so may result in liability, not only for the hospital itself, but also for its staff involved in the case.

Failure to diagnose cases haunt millions of US patients

Diagnosis is the key to treating and potentially curing an individual of an injury, illness or disease. For this reason, a simple error during diagnosis can be harmful to a patient. Whether or not that error is a failure to diagnose, a misdiagnosis or a delayed diagnosis, a medical mistake has occurred to threaten the life or health of a patient.

Will troubling statistics back up creation of birth injury fund?

The birth of a child is one of the most momentous occasions that parents can experience. Unfortunately, the delivery process, despite being common, is also a very sensitive medical procedure, which is not without risks. Delivery errors can cause a birth injury that can haunt a child and a child's family forever. For this reason, legislators in Maryland have been pushing for what is referred to as a "birth injury fund," to help infants and their families. Although the legislation has not been approved, it may get a push after recent statistics have shown that infant mortality is increasing.

What should Maryland patients know about surgical errors?

Maryland surgical procedures, no matter how seemingly simple, take a lot of planning, precision and skill. The idea of having an operation on the wrong body part seems like something straight out of a horror film. Unfortunately, this horror can happen in real life, as in the past, doctors have been guilty of wrong-site surgery. Maryland patients should be aware of the situation to avoid being a victim of such a dangerous medical error.

What can Maryland patients do to prevent doctor errors?

Medical mistakes have become a serious concern for Maryland patients, as well as patients across the United States. Every year, thousands of patients either suffer injuries, contract illness and infections or even lose their lives due to medical mistakes. Many of these cases are attributed to a doctor's errors. Maryland patients can do their part in making sure that they do not fall victim to medical errors by following some safety precautions.

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