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Explaining surgical procedures and its risks to Marylanders

Every year, the list of surgical procedures and treatment offered by Maryland hospitals and healthcare providers grow and improve. As a result, many more people are undergoing surgeries each year in order to improve the quality of their lives and well-being. However, all surgeries may carry the risk of surgical errors, ranging from wrong-site surgery, post-surgical bleeding or infection. A worst case scenario is a surgical error leading to a patient's death.

Our firm knows that surgeries can improve a medical condition. Doctors often perform surgery to save a patient from further harm or improve the patient's medical outlook. The patient and family trust that the doctor will provide quality medical care and often do not consider the risk of a medical error. For this reason, surgical error cases can be overwhelming to those involved.

However, our law firm understand the impact of a surgical malpractice to families and patients. The firm's more than 30 years of experience in handling medical malpractice cases provides great awareness about the emotional toll of such circumstances. This understanding has equipped us with proper knowledge about surgical malpractice claims involving brain surgeries, heart surgeries and even more routine surgeries.

Doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists and operating room nurses must follow specific medical procedures during an operation. Our surgical error page provides these standards which must be strictly followed at all times. Overlooking such fundamentals may put the patient's life at risk during an operation. Our knowledge of surgical malpractice helps us identify whether negligence, or any form of medical error, has contributed to the incident.

The advancement of medical of technology does not always ensure the safety of the patient. A successful surgery mostly depends on the knowledge of a doctor and other professionals and how they perform the entire procedure. A simple mistake can cause a serious complication to the patient. It is always important for surgeons, doctors and staff to consider patient's safety and it is our job to let them know when they don't.

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