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Maryland hospital allegedly misdiagnosed patient's infection

Maryland residents go to a hospital for treatment to save them from physical pain. However, healthcare professionals working in hospitals are not immune to medical errors during their practices. Nonetheless, healthcare workers have a duty to do all they can to protect patients from possible harm caused by medical mistakes.

A Maryland hospital had this responsibility, and it seems is no different when it comes to committing medical errors. According to reports, Johns Hopkins Health System is facing a huge controversy after a woman filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the facility. The 59-year-old patient accused the hospital of failure to diagnosis, which resulted in multiple limb amputations. The lawsuit was filed in Baltimore Circuit Court for hospital negligence and misdiagnosis. The plaintiff's attorney contended that the doctors had the opportunity to properly diagnose the condition, but failed to do so.

The medical error allegedly happened when the woman visited Howard County General Hospital for severe abdominal and pelvic pain, where she received painkillers and was discharged. During her second visit, doctors diagnosed her with acute pelvic pain and discharged her without any treatment or tests to determine the cause of her pain.

Unfortunately, the alleged misdiagnosis resulted in the spread of infection. The patient's third visit resulted in a septic shock diagnosis. Doctors determined that she had endometriosis and early stages of sepsis due to a uterine infection. As a result, her legs above the knees and arms below the elbows were amputated.

Many illnesses share the same signs and symptoms. That is why further tests and observation should be conducted to determine what is actually wrong with the patient to provide effective treatment. Otherwise, the patient may experience horrific consequences, as this patient did, which may hold the hospital responsible for the damages inflicted on the patient.

Source: Baltimore Sun, "Baltimore woman sues Hopkins after losing limbs," Andrea K. McDaniels, Dec. 30, 2014

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