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Protecting patients in the event of misdiagnosis

Accurate diagnosis of an illness or condition is obviously of critical importance in the medical field. Unfortunately, failure to diagnose, or misdiagnosis, is a common medical error affecting American patients, including Maryland residents. According to a 2014 study published in the journal BMJ Quality & Safety, an estimated 12 million adults seeking outpatient medical care are the victims of misdiagnosis.

The diagnostic process is the basis of the treatment and other procedures provided to a patient. When a diagnosis is incorrect, the whole treatment process can be rendered inaccurate, including any medication prescribed. A medical misdiagnosis can cause the patient physical, emotional and financial challenges. Unfortunately, cases of misdiagnosis may take a long time to detect. Patients often endure injury and complications of misdiagnosis before seeking further help.

Our Maryland-based medical malpractice law firm understands patients and their situations. The possible consequences of misdiagnosis depend on the actual disease or illness that has been misdiagnosed. For example, if cancer is misdiagnosed, the error may lead to the spread of cancer throughout the patient's body, which can eventually lead to the patient's death.

Our team will evaluate the alleged misdiagnosis and determine whether there is a viable case of medical malpractice. We have years of experience in handling different medical malpractice cases, including failure to diagnose cases.

Doctors study a long time with intensive honing of skills before receiving a license to practice. This preparation does not mean doctors are not prone to errors. Unfortunately, when medical errors occur, the patient's safety and life can be at risk. Our firm will work to protect a patient's rights and interests in the event of a medical error.

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