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Anesthesia errors can put Maryland patients at risk

Anesthesia refers to a medically-induced state, including a loss of responsiveness and muscle reflexes, the inability to feel pain and sometimes, amnesia. It is often used by doctors before performing a medical procedure such as surgery. Under anesthesia, patients do not experience the distress or pain as if they were conscious and receptive to sensation.

Our medical malpractice background can provide advantages

When a couple is expecting a child, both soon-to-be parents cannot wait for the day they hold their baby in their arms. In the meantime, parents are also concerned with the safety and health of their baby prior to birth. An expectant mother watches what she eats, takes prenatal vitamins and visits her doctor for regular checkups. However, taking prenatal care seriously does not guarantee that the baby will be protected from harm during child birth because birth injuries can and do occur. This medical error can happen during the delivery process, whether it's normal or Cesarean section.

How does a surgical error occur?

There is no such thing as minor surgery. After all, surgical procedures are usually the last option to help a patient recover from illness or disease. Given the significance and purpose of surgery, many Maryland residents may assume that doctors will always do their best to perform a successful operation. Unfortunately, surgical errors sometimes occur, causing more harm than good to a patient.

Joan Rivers' daughter files medical malpractice lawsuit

In any kind of surgery or medical treatment, doctors and their staff are responsible for properly monitoring a patient. A patient's vital signs must be supervised at all times, particularly when the patient is under sedation. While adequate supervision is one of the basic responsibilities of doctors, the late comedienne Joan Rivers' doctors allegedly failed to do so when they performed an endoscopy on her.

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