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Our medical malpractice background can provide advantages

When a couple is expecting a child, both soon-to-be parents cannot wait for the day they hold their baby in their arms. In the meantime, parents are also concerned with the safety and health of their baby prior to birth. An expectant mother watches what she eats, takes prenatal vitamins and visits her doctor for regular checkups. However, taking prenatal care seriously does not guarantee that the baby will be protected from harm during child birth because birth injuries can and do occur. This medical error can happen during the delivery process, whether it's normal or Cesarean section.

A birth injury can occur if a complication during labor or delivery of the child is experienced. Approximately five out of every 1,000 babies born in the United States will sustain birth injuries. Many factors can cause a birth injury to an infant. Injury can derive from the obstetrician's improper use of a medical technique during birth. Inappropriate use of a medical device, such as a vacuum or forceps, can injure the child.

A lack of oxygen during delivery may result in cerebral palsy due to brain damage. While birth injury is considered the nightmare of every expectant parent in Maryland, our Greenbelt-based medical malpractice law firm stands ready to help parents deal medical malpractice, if it should be necessary.

The more than 30 years of experience that our firm has in handling medical malpractice cases provides our clients with an advantage. For one, we can provide proper information on how birth injuries may happen. By doing so, we can help parents determine what went wrong during the delivery and what events may have contributed to the child suffering the injury.

Although, most birth injuries are more complicated than other medical malpractice cases, our comprehensive background helps our attorneys anticipate the possible defenses the other party will make to minimize their liability and counter with successful strategies to help our clients obtain the best possible outcome in the case.

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