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Necessary information about a Maryland cancer misdiagnosis

Millions of people are dying each year because of cancer. In fact, according to the American Cancer Society, over 1 million people in the United States are diagnosed with cancer each year. But, what happens if the actual cancer was misdiagnosed?

Misdiagnosis of cancer can be the most devastating medical error for any patient to experience. Imagine a Maryland patient who visits the best doctor in town, hoping that the health care professional can treat the person's condition successfully, but then the medical professional ends up misdiagnosing the patient.

For some diseases, a misdiagnosis may seem harmless. For cancer though, failure to diagnose can result in many complications. Cancer can spread to different parts of the body, or metastasize, which will eventually compromise the patient's immune system. Once that happens, the chance of the patient surviving the ill-fated disease may be slim. In addition to the diseases, cancer affects entire families emotionally, financially and psychologically.

Our Maryland-based law firm understands those types of situations. We have seen many different cases of cancer that may have been prevented if only the doctor had properly diagnosed the patient. Under such circumstances, our team may conduct a thorough analysis of the alleged medical error to be able to determine whether there is a viable case of medical malpractice against the doctor. We may request documents that will allow us to collect data and records regarding the medical history of the patient and the background of the doctor. The collected data will be our foundation for protecting the patient's rights and interests.

If a medical error occurs, a person cannot help but question the skills, knowledge and experience of the doctor who made the mistake. After all, health care professionals spend a long time developing their medical skills. We also understand that every treatment, piece of advice and medication administered by doctors must be in accordance with the patient's safety.

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