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Surgical error may have caused brain death

Any healthcare professional in Maryland knows that the vital signs of a patient must be properly supervised. Regardless of whether the patient has been administered medication or underwent a simple surgery, monitoring patient vital signs will help the doctor recognize, if something is wrong with the patient. Unfortunately, the hospital that provided care for a 13-year-old girl allegedly failed to promptly observe and supervise the teen's vital signs, resulting in a serious injury.

Many Maryland families know the sad story of the 13-year-old girl who was declared brain dead after undergoing a tonsillectomy 2 years ago. A recently development in this case has emerged after the girl's family filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a hospital.

According to the report, a surgical error was one allegations made by the family against the hospital. The family claims that doctors botched the patient's tonsillectomy, leading to post-surgical bleeding and brain death.

Allegedly, a surgeon failed to notify hospital nurses about an abnormal artery in the patient's throat, which was found near the surgery site. This apparently increased the surgical risk in the procedure. The patient supposedly received several more complicated procedures. These procedures seemed to be questionable, and the malpractice claim stated that the surgeon should have begun the procedure by simply removing the adenoids and tonsils first. The doctors and nurses at the hospital failed to quickly react when the patient showed excessive bleeding, which quickly reduced her heart rate.

Any medical procedure performed by doctors and surgeons might carry risks to a patient. Doctors should be completely aware of these risks to protect the patient from possible injury or complication as a result of medical error. Otherwise, this lack of awareness could endanger the patient's health and life. A serious medical error may require increased scrutiny of the actions of hospitals and healthcare professionals, which will identify those legally responsible for damages.

Source: NBC Bay Area, "Family of Brain Dead Jahi McMath Alleges Medical Negligence Against Children's Hospital," Lisa Fernandez, March 3, 2015

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