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Improper monitoring may cause serious birth injuries

Delivering a baby may be a routine procedure for many doctors. However, it is important to note that proper, vigilant monitoring of the birthing process may be the most crucial step in protecting both the mother and the newborn infant. There have been various cases where the doctor's negligence during childbirth has led to serious birth injuries. In several cases, the birth injuries may have even led to fatalities or permanent disabilities.

Recently, a new mother and her infant allegedly suffered gross medical negligence due to improper monitoring during the birthing process. Apparently, the infant was suffering from seizures and brain damage because the medical practitioners allegedly did not monitor the childbirth, even after a C-section. A medical negligence lawsuit has been initiated by the family of the newborn and the mother against the hospital for $27 million.

The hospital has, however, claimed that under a contract, Kaiser used its medical facilities so that the delivery could take place. The hospital has labor and delivery as well as infant services. Thus, the responsibility of the birth that went wrong and the resultant birth injuries and brain damage have been shifted to Kaiser by hospital authorities.

The infant apparently suffered brain damage due to an insufficient oxygen supply to her brain during labor. That led to the baby having seizures. The mother had apparently been in labor for a long time and the delivery took approximately 12 hours. The infant's condition was not diagnosed by the hospital or the medical practitioners at the time. The plaintiff's attorneys claim that gross medical negligence as well as improper monitoring of the delivery led to the infant having cerebral palsy as well as brain damage.

Source: Courthouse News Service, "Kaiser sued for $27M for bad birth-monitoring," April 6, 2015

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