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Maryland lawyers dealing in surgical error lawsuits

Surgical errors, such as wrong-site surgery or any other mistakes made during an operation, may lead to grave patient injuries or life-long disabilities. Many Maryland residents have fallen victim to these kinds of surgical errors, and injured patients and their family members may initiate a lawsuit in order to receive compensation from the doctor or hospital responsible for the error.

Attorney W. Scott Sonntag, P.A., has three decades of experience dealing with medical malpractice lawsuits as well as surgical error lawsuits in Maryland. In many cases, medical experts are consulted to prove that the surgical error was caused by the surgeon's and hospital staff's negligence. Sometimes, however the defense may try to prove that the patient's injury was not due to any surgical error or medical negligence but rather to a known risk or complication of an intricate or delicate surgical procedure.

In numerous cases, even those relating to high-risk surgeries, healthcare professionals fail to follow the correct and accepted medical procedures. When this happens, the patient can suffer grave injuries or even death.

In many cases, surgical errors are so seriously outside the purview of acceptable medical practice that medical experts identify them as "never events," implying that these basic and simple surgical errors should have never occurred in the first place. Surgeons undertake years of study and hands-on training in order to be licensed to perform surgery. Despite all of that training, surgeons and other doctors can still make mistakes. But, these mistakes can be very costly in terms of a patient's health.

Our firm knows how to fight for the victim's rights in cases involving medical malpractice. Suffering a physical injury at the hands of a negligent doctor is bad enough, but no patient should also have to shoulder the financial consequences of these mistakes.

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