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Medical error victims in Maryland may seek help

In many hospitals across the country, including some in the Washington D.C. and Maryland areas, emergency rooms are understaffed but still must serve large numbers of patients, especially in large urban areas. Although the vast majority of patients receive good care, sometimes medical errors and misdiagnoses injure and even kill patients. Fortunately, those who are injured have the right to hold those who treat them responsible and to seek compensation for their pain and suffering and financial losses.

Facial nerve palsy, a rare but serious birth injury

Although the vast majority of births in the country, including those in Maryland, occur with few or no problems, sometimes babies are injured during delivery. Sometimes the injuries are minor and easily repaired or heal on their own. But occasionally, birth trauma results in permanent and sometimes disabling injuries. One such injury is known as facial nerve palsy, and a baby may be left without normal facial muscle functioning.

Doctors make mistakes and they should be disclosed to patients

Many Maryland residents may agree that doctors often avoid disclosing medical errors to their patients partly due to the fear of facing a medical malpractice lawsuit and partly due to their discomfort with the disclosure process. However, more and more doctors today agree that full disclosure of medical errors should be made to patients and many make this disclosure themselves.

Measurement systems can lead to fatal medication errors

Although relatively rare given the number of patients who are treated every year in the country thousands of people, including those in Maryland and the Washington, D.C., area, fall victim to instances of medical malpractice in medical facilities every year. Among the most common errors are mistakes in pharmaceutical dosages. Such miscalculations often come when a patient's weight is converted from pounds to kilograms. Unfortunately, even a simple mathematical error can lead to a fatal drug overdose.

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