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Doctor errors and Maryland patients, help available

Maryland doctors often avoid voluntary disclosure of any errors they made during a medical procedure. Usually, two issues come into play in a doctor error situation. The first contention is that the doctor is human, so he or she is not above making a mistake. Next, a doctor is a highly trained professional and required by Maryland law to display a higher duty of care towards patients in hospitals and nursing homes.

Maryland's courts hear many typical medical malpractice lawsuits, which allege doctor errors are a tradeoff between these two factors. The doctor will usually argue human error, which is not considered medical negligence by the court. However, if the patient and his or her attorney prove that the error was committed outside the usual course of a medical procedure and was due to the doctor's negligence, such proof can lead to a successful medical malpractice lawsuit.

As Maryland attorney, W. Scott Sonntag, knows, Maryland courts usually use the results of a three-pronged test to decide a medical malpractice lawsuit alleging doctor error. First, the plaintiff needs to prove that the doctor actually had a duty of care towards the patient. Next, the plaintiff proves that the doctor committed an error by digressing from the usual medical practice for that procedure, so he or she did not achieve the duty of care for the patient. Finally, the doctor error led to the patient's injury.

Since the burden of proof in a doctor error lawsuit lies with the plaintiff, many injured patients find it beneficial to consult professional lawyers to help them. Experts can help victims traverse the legal steps for a medical malpractice lawsuit that can be cumbersome and difficult for a patient already experiencing a tumultuous time.

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