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Doctor error blamed for family member's death

Maryland doctors typically have years of training and practice by attending medical school and a subsequent residency program to prepare for being a medical practitioner. However, even with these years of training and practice, many patients still suffer the effects of gross medical negligence at the hands of errant doctors.

In these kinds of negligence cases, the doctor fails to successfully treat the original medical condition and actually end up multiplying the patient's medical problems. Treating these new medical complications can be very expensive and debilitating for the patient and the patient's family. Furthermore, in some extreme cases, the patient may die as a result of doctor errors.

Recent reports about a malpractice lawsuit stated that family members of a patient who died right after a surgical procedure were initiating a lawsuit against the doctors who performed the surgery. The plaintiffs and their attorneys claimed that doctor errors allowed clearing of the patient for a surgery that should never have been done in the first place and which was the reason for the death of the patient.

Family members said that the patient had been previously diagnosed with an acute case of gallbladder disease which doctors said required removal of the gallbladder. The removal procedure began as a non-invasive laparoscopic procedure and then progressed to open surgery.

It was reported that right after the surgery, the patient complained of difficulty breathing and remained in the hospital where he then died. The family also stated that the doctor's lack of vigilance regarding the need for surgery and the lack of conducting more medical tests to establish the medical history and condition of the patient apparently led to the patient's death.

Cases like these can be difficult for everyone involved. By understanding their legal rights, patients can protect themselves following a doctor error.

Source: Cook County Record, "Family alleges negligence in post-op death," Dan Harkins, Aug. 12, 2015

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