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Preventing birth injuries with sustainable patient safety

Maryland healthcare facilities, including hospitals and nursing homes, are often found guilty of not taking proper precautions and of not meeting all the necessary requirements to provide the treatment that will help their patients recuperate. One of the most vulnerable classes of patients who suffer at the hands of such negligent medical practitioners are mothers-to-be and newborns.

Birth injuries are responsible for one of the most traumatic experiences of an expectant mother's life, since she goes into the hospital with great hope and happy expectations for a healthy child. It is tragic when this happiness is trampled by a serious birth injury that can lead to lifelong disability and medical complication. This is exacerbated if it was caused by the negligence of a doctor, who had years of training to avoid such an occurrence.

Much research has been conducted over the years by hospitals to prevent birth injuries. Maryland medical authorities have raised various initiatives and campaigns to promote patient safety, especially those that prevent birth injuries in hospitals. In some cases, researchers say findings suggest that employing self-assessment of skills by hospital staff ensures greater vigilance over the procedures that they conduct. which can go a long way in ensuring sustainable patient safety. Such self-assessment can also include peer-reviews by other hospital professionals or implementing an assessment system of employees used by hospital administration.

Parents of infants who have suffered birth injuries, such as improper use of forceps during delivery or injury to the shoulders while delivering, should normally consult attorneys. An attorney can help initiate a case against the doctor and the hospital to get compensation to address the aftermath of birth injuries.

Source: NCBI.NLM.NIH.gov, "Healthcare system intervention for prevention of birth injuries - process evaluation of self-assessment, peer review, feedback and agreement for change," Monica E Nyström et al, 2012

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