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Why is "failure to diagnose" a matter of Maryland concern?

Most Maryland residents have gone to a doctor at some point in their lives. In fact, for most people, the relationship with a doctor is established with their biological mothers going to a gynecologist during pregnancy itself. In many cases of medical negligence, victims often benefit from consulting malpractice attorneys who can help them in seek compensation for any pain and suffering.

While obvious medical negligence cases, like wrong site surgeries, have been the focus of many medical malpractice debates in the past, a doctor's failure to diagnose have not. Doctors have to go through years of medical school training to practice on their patients. Thus, an erroneous diagnosis can lead to severe complications for the patients.

There have been studies on doctor's failure to diagnose their patients. Even cognitive psychologists have found that there are various causes why even a doctor with years of practice can be biased, which can lead to a patient not being diagnosed properly. Even experienced doctors who have seen many patients can often fail to diagnose a disease properly. In fact, some studies have shown that one of the major causes of failure to diagnose is that the doctor is biased by their past medial cases. Several patients can display similar symptoms, but similar symptoms may not always lead to the same prognosis.

In some cases, doctors often jump to conclusions thinking that they have seen similar cases before. Many doctors famously suffer from the "god complex," where they believe that since they save lives on a daily basis, they know best. Hence, even in cases where the later reports do not corroborate their initial diagnosis, doctors can often become stubborn. This is often detrimental to the patients who rely and trust the doctor completely.

Source: PSNET.AHRQ.gov, "Diagnostic errors," accessed on Aug. 7, 2015

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