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October 2015 Archives

What is sepsis?

Maryland residents trust medical professionals to help them feel better following an injury or illness. Most people don't have the knowledge necessary to help themselves. Doctors, on the other hand, have years of experience and training to deal with serious, life-threatening situations.

HA-MRSA -- causes and symptoms

When people aren't feeling well, they can sometimes turn to a drugstore to find a remedy. Usually, some common medications will help heal their ailments, or at least alleviate their symptoms. However, in other cases, people need to rely on the skilled expertise of a doctor. Medical Doctors have years of medical training that is meant to help them deal with complex medical issues.

Hospital negligence and emergency room errors are unacceptable

When people think about hospitals, they likely think about sickness and emergencies. But they also likely think about healing and hope. Most doctors, nurses and other hospital staff work tirelessly to help Maryland residents heal following an illness or injury. These medical professionals are with patients at the worst of times and help to see them to a better place. Or, at least they are supposed to.

Can hospitals prevent medical gas mix-ups?

Hospitals are large organizations where everyone is working toward a common goal - treating sick people. Doctors, nurses, orderlies, pharmacists and other medical personal all work as a team to try and create the best possible outcomes. In order for people to be effectively treated, however, everyone must work together as a team. They must come up with a treatment plan and stick to it. Every person must follow through in order to get the job done. Doctors, nurses and other staff, however, are only human. They make mistakes, can act recklessly and they can take a life.

Woman dies following dialysis mix up, family brings suit

Maryland residents trust their doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to make the right decisions when it comes to his or her medical care. People expect these trained professionals to have the answers when it comes to specific ailments and treatments. In fact, patients often rely on the advice of their doctors and others in hospitals when medical attention is needed.

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