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Hospital negligence and emergency room errors are unacceptable

When people think about hospitals, they likely think about sickness and emergencies. But they also likely think about healing and hope. Most doctors, nurses and other hospital staff work tirelessly to help Maryland residents heal following an illness or injury. These medical professionals are with patients at the worst of times and help to see them to a better place. Or, at least they are supposed to.

There are times when hospitals hire poorly trained individuals, allow some of the staff to go unsupervised and fail to adopt proper procedures to handle emergencies. Many times, these errors happen amid the chaos of the emergency room.

Doctors may not take enough time with each patient, or they may be distracted during the short time when an examination of the patient takes place Doctors may make quick snap judgments about patients, their diagnosis and whether or not to discharge them. In these situations, doctors can be wrong.

When errors are made at a hospital or in an emergency room, people's lives are on the line. A misdiagnosis can lead to serious injuries or death. A failure to properly treat a brain injury can lead to permanent damage. And, a failure to properly monitor can lead to a deteriorating condition. Each of these events can result in financial and physical damages. These incidents can cause or exacerbate medical conditions, leading to extra medical costs, shortened life expectancy and more.

Negligent hospitals and emergency rooms should be held accountable for these and other mistakes. Hospitals are meant to be places of healing, not a place to blame for medical issues. For more than 17 years, our firm has worked to help those injured by hospitals. In these situations, our law firm can evaluate the hospitals treatment of Maryland residents. Our attorneys can help spot places where the hospital should have acted differently. For more information about our firm and how we can help, please see our emergency room negligence webpage. This could provide general information to patients and their loved ones, helping him or her make an informed decision.

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