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What is sepsis?

Maryland residents trust medical professionals to help them feel better following an injury or illness. Most people don't have the knowledge necessary to help themselves. Doctors, on the other hand, have years of experience and training to deal with serious, life-threatening situations.

However, many people may not realize how likely it is for a doctor to make a mistake. In these situations, a mistake by a doctor can result in a serious or life-threatening infection or other issue for a patient. One common type of infection is sepsis.

What is sepsis? According to medical professionals, sepsis is a widespread infection affecting many areas of a human's body. Specifically, it is an immune response to infection that causes inflammation throughout a person. This inflammation often leads to organ failure and other damage. It can also cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure that can lead to additional life-threatening complications.

Each year, an estimated one million people suffer from sepsis. In many situations, the infection is caused during a hospitalization. This infection starts because of bedsores, catheters, surgical incisions or infections in a person's IV line.

Signs of sepsis include rapid pulse, rapid breathing, diarrhea, changes in body temperature, decreased urination and more. The quick diagnosis of sepsis is important so that people can begin treatment, which typically includes broad-spectrum antibiotics. If treatment is not administered quickly, then the infection can get worse and become fatal.

When an infection is the result of doctor error, Maryland residents need to understand their legal rights. While this post can only provide general information about sepsis, those who have experienced this complication may wish to consider seeking specific legal advice. An attorney may be able to help answer people's legal questions and determine if a cause of action for medical malpractice exists.

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