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Importance of medical hand washing

People often rely on medical professionals in order to solve their health issues. In most cases, Maryland residents do not have the knowledge or the skills to diagnose and treat themselves. Therefore, it is important that doctors, nurses and other medical professionals work together to help sick individuals. However, in some circumstances, medical professionals can cause more harm than good. When hospitals fail to follow basic safety standards, people can get hurt.

Hospitals are filled with sick individuals and can become a breeding ground for germs if proper precautions are not taken. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one way that serious illnesses can be transferred throughout medical facilities is from hand contact.

Doctors hands can become carriers of germs in a variety of situations. Physicians may have some sort of infection on their own or they may pick up an infection from a patient. In other situations, pathogens may be present on an object that comes in contact with a person's hands. If the infected hands touch another person, the pathogens can be transferred.

In order to cut down on the risk of spreading germs as a result of dirty hands, a variety of handwashing techniques can be used. Using regular soap and water is one option. Additionally, healthcare facilities can use alcohols and a variety of other chemical compounds to sterilize a medical professionals' hands prior to contact with patients. If these steps are skipped, patients can be put in danger.

Maryland residents that have become sick as a result of negligent medical care, need to understand their legal options. If hospital negligence causes a person's issue, a medical malpractice lawsuit may be required. With the help of an attorney, people may be able to show that hospital negligence was responsible for their injuries.

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