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Possible risks of a cesarean section

Welcoming a child into the world should be a joyous occasion. However, it can also be a complicated medical procedure that needs to be overseen by competent medical professionals. Without the right help, serious complications can occur that put mothers and children at risk.

In some situations, it may become necessary for a mother to have a Cesarean section instead of a vaginal birth. A C-section is a complicated medical procedure. Like any major abdominal surgery, a C-section has risks to both the mother and the unborn baby.

For the baby, a C-section can result in an injury during the delivery. A baby born via C-section may also need intensive care, and may have under developed lungs if the child is delivered too early.

The mother may also be at risk from a C-section. There is, for example, the risk of heavy blood loss or infection. Women can also suffer from temporary discomfort related to the anesthesia, including vomiting, nausea and headaches. Blood clots developing in the lungs or legs are another risk of a C-section. During the surgery, other organs in the woman's body can become injured including the woman's bladder. In rare cases a C-section can result in a woman's death.

Women can also suffer long-term injuries from a C-section. These include the increased possibility of placenta problems in subsequent pregnancies.

It is important for people to understand the risks of any medical procedure before it is undertaken. If an error is made during a woman's birth, families need to understand their legal rights. Birth injuries and labor errors can result in severe damage to the mother or child. In these cases, an attorney may be able to help to explain whether or not a family is entitled to compensation for these injuries.

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