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Doctors errors and time constraints

People like to think of doctors as healers. People turn to doctors and medical professionals in their times of need. Doctors are expected to diagnose and treat medical ailments in an efficient and correct manner. People are not as likely to imagine doctors as business people. However, individuals in Maryland should understand that doctors are doing a job. They are earning money to see patients and make these diagnoses. They, like other individuals, have bills to pay and other financial motives.

It can be dangerous when the doctor's financial incentives interfere with patient care. However, this can happen if doctors rush to see as many patients as possible during the workday. In particular, with preventative care, doctors may try to schedule as many patients as possible in as little time as possible. This can lead to shortcuts and, ultimately, doctor errors.

Some studies have shown that this is true. In particular, one study showed that up to eight out of every 10 misdiagnoses were caused by an issue relating to the patient's initial visit. These include issues with the patient's medical history and errors during the physical exam. Other errors occurred when doctors failed to adequately follow-up with poor test results.

Additionally, data has shown that doctors are spending less time with patients than they did in the past. Doctors may need to slow down in order to avoid these types of mistakes.

If a doctor's error has caused injury to a patient, that patient may have legal rights. People who have been injured as a result of doctor errors may need to bring a medical malpractice suit. In a medical malpractice suit, individuals can be compensated for their injuries. An attorney may be able to help explain an individual's rights in these situations.

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