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What types of medication errors occur in a hospital?

Residents in Maryland rely on medical professionals in order to fix specific issues. If a medical problem is serious enough, people can end up in the hospital for an extended period of time. While in the hospital, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are responsible for administering medication. This medication can, in some situations, be life-saving.

If medication is not properly administered however, it can have the opposite effect. Medications are serious and require careful measuring and administration. However, in hospitals around the country, medical professionals are sometimes not careful enough while giving people medications. Therefore, many types of medication errors occur in hospital settings.

Researchers have identified several different types of medication errors in hospital settings. One type of error is an omission error. This is when a patient is not given a dose of medication when scheduled. There are also 'wrong time' errors. These are errors that occur when a patient is given a dose of medication at an incorrect time.

Another type of medication error is one of monitoring. This occurs when a patient isn't monitored correctly following the administration of a particular drug. There's also a 'wrong dosage' error where the patient is given the wrong amount of the right medication. There can also be an error where the wrong type of medication is given to a patient.

There are other types of medication errors that can occur in a hospital setting. Patients who have been negatively affected by a medication error should understand their legal rights. Hospitals can sometimes be held responsible for the negligence of their employees. If the medication error occurred in the hospital, the hospital may be liable. People who have been injured by a medication error may wish to consider speaking with an attorney to determine if they are entitled to compensation.

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