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Woman dies after being forced from hospital

In an emergency medical situation, people expect to rely on an emergency room to identify and treat their illness. Often, time is of the essence when it comes to treating emergent conditions. The simplest of mistakes can worsen a person's overall chances of recovering. Emergency room doctors and nurses need to act quickly to identify a problem and treat its cause.

There are situations, however, in which questionable decisions are made when dealing with an emergency of a patient. One such questionable instance recently occurred which left a woman dead.

The family of one woman claims that the negligence of a hospital in another state caused the death of their loved one. They are seeking legal action as a result of the hospital's negligence.

In this case, reports claim that a 57-year-old woman showed up at a hospital complaining of stomach pains. At some point, the hospital decided she could be discharged, even though she regularly relied on oxygen and was then saying she was short of breath. However, the woman refused to leave in her condition. Therefore, the hospital called the police.

Police responded to the call and physically removed the woman from the hospital. Shortly after placing the woman in handcuffs, the woman collapsed and again complained of shortness of breath. Her pleas went unanswered for at least 18 minutes, before doctors finally readmitted her to the facility. Within an hour of her collapse, the woman had died. Following her death, doctors discovered that a blood clot in her lungs caused her medical crisis.

When a delay in treatment or a misdiagnosis cause injury to a Maryland patient, the patient and the patient's family must carefully examine the facts surrounding the case. If a doctor or hospital's negligence contributed to the error, the negligent parties may be held legally responsible for damages. This compensation cannot help to bring back a love one whose life has been lost, but it can help compensate a family for their financial losses.

Source: Independent Journal, "She Was Arrested for Refusing to Leave the Hospital. When They Found Out Why, It Was Too Late...," Kayla Brandon, Jan. 08, 2016

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