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Hospital performs surgical procedure on wrong newborn

Individuals place their trust in doctors and often have no other choice but to accept the outcome they are given. Sadly, this trust is often misplaced. Surgeons, and other medical staff often make mistakes during surgery that can cost people their lives. People can also be seriously injured when these doctors do not do their jobs correctly.

A parent's worst nightmare recently occurred. According to reports, a 31-year-old woman gave birth to a baby boy in a hospital in another state. The baby was born healthy and had no issues. However, when the baby was in the hospital's nursery, medical professionals took the baby and performed a frenulectomy. A frenulectomy is a surgical procedure where the tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth is clipped.

When the baby was returned to his mother, the nurse began to explain the procedure to the woman. However, the mother was shocked to learn that the procedure had taken place. The baby had been perfectly healthy and was feeding well. There was no reason for the surgery to be performed. The woman demanded answers from the medical staff about why the baby had undergone the procedure.

After sometime, the woman was informed that the procedure was performed by mistake on the wrong baby. The woman is now seeking legal action to ensure that this type of surgical error does not occur again. At this time, the baby seems to be doing all right. However, it is yet to be determined whether the child will have difficulty eating or speaking in the future as a result of this unnecessary surgery.

Maryland residents should know that they have the right to take legal action when a surgical error occurs. By taking action individuals can receive compensation for their injuries.

Source: NBC News, "Tennessee Mom Says Hospital Performed Procedure on Wrong Baby," Elizabeth Chuch, Feb. 11, 2016

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