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Doctor errors caused by copying and pasting information

Maryland residents rely on their doctors to treat them for a variety of common and unusual illnesses and injuries. People believe that their doctor will work on their behalf in order to solve the problem and get them well. However, Maryland residents should remember that doctors are only human. They are capable of making serious mistakes and having lapses in judgment that result in injuries to patients.

What factors contribute to preterm births in the United States?

The average pregnancy should last somewhere around 40 weeks. However, many pregnancies end before that. While there is a range of normal delivery dates for healthy babies, there are many babies in the United States who are born preterm. Preterm births are those births that occur prior to 37 weeks' gestation. If baby is born prior to 34 weeks' gestation, the baby is considered to be born early preterm. Late preterm occurs between 34 and 37 weeks.

Birth injuries can cause Klumpke's Palsy

Parents across Maryland wait for the birth of the new baby eagerly for many months. Individuals begin to envision how their life will look once this baby is born. Maryland residents start to make plans for this child and their future together. However, plans and visions can be cut short by the carelessness of medical professionals during the baby's birth.

A failure to diagnose should not be ignored

Maryland residents trust their doctors to make appropriate medical decisions on their behalf. Most people do not have the skills necessary to diagnose themselves with an illness or injury. Instead, people turn to doctors to make these important decisions. When doctors failed to live up to people's expectations it can be difficult for people to understand how to move forward.

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